10 signs you need skin treatment

10 signs you need skin treatment

Taking care of your skin is part of the daily routine of many people around the world, but even the most rigorous efforts can sometimes fail to maintain the ideal skin quality and look desired, especially as we age. If you have any of the following issues with your skin it’s likely they can be tackled confidently with cosmetic botulinum treatments.

  1. Droopy eyes

A non-surgical brow lift using botulinum helps to lift the eyebrows, which in turn both makes eyes look wider and the skin around them fresher.

  1. Frown lines 

Most commonly seen on the forehead, these annoying lines can be very ageing, but the furrows can easily be plumped up with a course of injections.

  1. Crow’s feet 

Often known as ‘laughter lines’, these wrinkles may be testament to your passion for life, but they can also be ageing and distressing. Botulinum treatments help smooth out these lines without you feeling any pain.

  1. Mouth lines 

These often start as fine creases at the side of the mouth, and over time can develop into deeper lines or create a downturned smile look which many people are not comfortable with. In some cases they develop as a result of long-term habits such as smoking. If the skin around your mouth is vulnerable to marionette lines, fixing things is a straightforward procedure.

  1. Neck lines

The skin on our neck is some of the most sensitive on the body, and being almost constantly exposed it is difficult to avoid it becoming damaged and ageing quicker than you would like. However, botulinum treatments can smooth out these lines, and restore more youthful, smooth skin.

  1. Chin dimpling

Over the jaw bone lies a muscle which over time can change the chin’s tissue and create an orange peel look on the skin. Botulinum treatments provide a fast and significant improvement to this problem.

  1. Sagging jowls 

Botulinum injections are sometimes combined with dermal filler treatments to re-contour a jawline which has lost tone and definition, leading to saggy, ageing jowls.

  1. Above average sweating 

This is not an uncommon skin complaint, and one which is generally both inconvenient and embarrassing. If any part of your body’s skin is liable to excessive sweating ask about botulinum treatments as a solution.

  1. Acne 

Some researchers believe the anti-sweating effect of botulinum injections can help to clear up acne. Others have noted a long-term reduction in the production of sebum by the skin following a course of treatment.

  1. Vertical frown lines

These appear between the eyebrows, and most people who get them have especially expressive faces. These fine lines on the skin are very responsive to treatment.

These days there’s no need to be dissatisfied with the condition of your skin, as Botulinum treatments can help overcome the issues covered here, and create the smoother look you want.

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