What Kind of Lip Dermal Fillers Are Right for Me?

What Kind of Lip Dermal Fillers Are Right for Me?

Lip dermal fillers can make a big difference in improving the outlines or contours of lips and making more mature lips look plumper and refreshed while also increasing volume in a flattering way around the mouth. Today’s techniques are extremely sophisticated. They give wonderful results and boost the confidence of those undergoing the treatment.

Choosing a Filler

Lip dermal fillers can improve the appearance of your mouth by giving it more shape and volume and a refined structure. The variety of filler used is very important and should be of the highest quality. Restylane is a popular and trustworthy filler, being the best available, and it has an excellent safety record along with delivering superb results. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, Restylane can augment the mouth in a subtle way that looks natural and effective.

The treatment can be varied in a number of ways by monitoring lip volume, and treatments can be layered over time so results are more gradual and can appear more natural. Any bumps, lumps or unevenness can also be addressed at the same time.

Types of Procedures

One type of lip filler procedure is lip augmentation. During this treatment, the shape of your lips can be enhanced and possibly lip fullness as well. A local anaesthetic cream is applied carefully to the lips, and then a special gel is injected. The treatment should be painless and the gel administered in a sympathetic and aesthetically pleasing manner, both to make the most of what is already there and very subtlety improve on it. This treatment should lead to a feeling of instant confidence and rejuvenation, and the results should last for up to a year.

Dermal fillers can also be used to soften those age lines between the nose and mouth. These nose-to-mouth lines, or facial creases, can be smoothed out with skilfully applied filler. First, the area is numbed with a little anaesthetic cream, and then the filler is injected.

Another type of facial flaw that can be addressed with dermal fillers is the phenomenon known as marionette lines. These are the creases that can pull down the corner of the mouth and make the bearer look a little disapproving. These lines can be lightened with the artistic use of fillers. When done well, these lines can be neutralised and even appear to turn upwards. Sometimes a treatment like this is also combined with Botox.

There are a number of ways that fillers can be used to enhance appearance. The most important factors to bear in mind are the quality of the filler used and the skill of the person who will be injecting the filler. It is important to choose a clinic where the highest quality and professional standards are maintained, so you can be sure that you are getting the treatment that will make the most of your natural assets while complementing or adding where necessary for the best results.

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