What Causes Cysts? Reasons Behind Cyst Removal

What Causes Cysts? Reasons Behind Cyst Removal

Cysts can occur anywhere in the body causing discomfort to any individual. They are often found around glands that produce and release substances within the body. Cysts are a result of a build-up of sebum secreted from the sebaceous glands. They might also involve keratin, which is the fibrous protein found in hair and nails that is needed to give skin strength and flexibility. The normal cycle of keratin involves moving up to the surface of the skin and then dying off, which is otherwise known as dead skin. However, sometimes the cells move down into the skin and form a sac that becomes a cyst. In the majority of cases, cysts are not sinister, but they can be unsightly and cause discomfort. They can also become infected, which can require medical intervention. This is why cyst removal is often recommended.

Cyst Appearance

Cysts vary in size and appearance and usually present as a lump that is white or yellow. They can grow quite slowly and most reach no more than 2cm or so but practitioners will sometimes excise cysts that have grown to 5cms in size. They shouldn’t hurt to the touch, unless they become infected.

Types of Cysts

The most common type of cyst is an epidermoid cyst. These are found on the face, neck, shoulders and on the skin around the genital area. They affect young to middle-aged adults and people who suffer from acne who are especially prone to this type of cyst. They are not hereditary.

Another type of cyst found on the scalp is the pilar cyst, which forms around hair follicles. Women are especially prone to this type of cyst and they can run in families. Cysts known as a chalazion or meibomian cyst form on the eyelid and can be unsightly and uncomfortable.

Anyone can get cysts and they can be caused by puberty or skin damage.

Cyst Removal

Cyst removal is a quick and painless procedure that can be carried out quickly and effectively by trained specialists. These qualified experts will remove the cyst whole as this will reduce the risk of further cysts. Using the latest up-to-date surgical techniques, every effort will be made to ensure the procedure is pain-free and scarring is kept to a minimum.

Cosmetic Minor Surgery and Botox

Many people want a cyst removed for cosmetic reasons. Even if it is not causing any problems, if it is unsightly, it can affect a person’s confidence, self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

Cosmetic minor surgery has developed hugely in recent years and treatments such as Botox have become lot more affordable. Clinics offering treatment are now able to treat their clients with all the latest procedures and get positive results. Clients who are undergoing treatment should always be offered a consultation in advance to meet the consultant and be told what options are available to them, as well as what after-care is required following Botox.

Whether  they are wrinkles or unsightly cysts causing anguish or unhappiness, it is worth considering cosmetic minor surgery treatments, including Botox, as an investment in yourself.

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