One of the most effective ways to feel more confident about your appearance is to use dermal fillers under the skin on various parts of the face.

At Grove Park Aesthetics, Dr Drewry believes that subtle use of dermal fillers is vital to give the best results.

The product we use most often is Restylane (previously known as Emmervel) made by the Bristish pharmaceutical company Galderma. Restylane is the highest quality dermal filler available and its safety record is excellent.


Services include:

Lip augmentation – enhancing the shape and possibly the fullness of your lips is one of the best uses of dermal fillers. Following application of a local anaesthetic cream to the lips, we can safely, painlessly and artistically inject a special gel into the lip borders and lip body. You will feel instantly rejuvenated and the benefits are expected to last between 6-12 months.

Nose to mouth lines – dermal fillers can be used to smooth out facial creases between the nose and mouth. The procedure is made painless by the use of local anaesthetic cream prior to injecting the filler.

Marionette lines – these are creases that run down from the corners of the mouth and can be treated using dermal fillers. They can be used in a way that turns up the corners of the mouth. They are often combined with Botulinum treatments to achieve the best results.