We use the latest surgical techniques to remove various unwanted skin lesions, lumps and bumps to minimise pain and scarring. Depending on what needs to be treated we can shave, curettage, excise, perform electro-surgery, or cryotherapy.


Services include:

Mole removal – shave or excise

Lipoma excision – removal of benign tumour composed of body fat

Cyst excision

Wart and verruca – treatment by cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)

Milia removal – milia are tiny but unsightly white bumps usually occurring on the face

Facial thread vein removal – by dessication, known as electrosurgery

Skin tag removal

Seborrhoeic keratosis – Seborrhoeic keratoses are common, harmless, often pigmented, growths on the skin sometimes called ‘senile warts’