Minor surgery

Mole removal Shave £250
Mole removal Excise from £350
Lipoma excision from £400
Cyst excision from £400
Wart and verruca treatment from £150
Milia removal from £150
Facial thread veins from £150
Skin tags from £150
Joint and soft tissue steroid injections £200

Botulinum toxin

Frown lines above nose £150
Complete forehead including frown lines £200
Brow lift including frown lines £200
Crows feet £150
Forehead and crows feet £250
Neck bands £250
Armpits excessive sweating £400
Hands and feet excessive sweating £400
Marionette lines £200
Face slimming and TMJ dysfunction/ bruxism (masseter) £250
Non-surgical facelift from £250

Dermal fillers

Lip augmentation from £350
Nose to mouth lines from £350
Marionette lines from £350