Is Lip Augmentation Safe for You?

Is Lip Augmentation Safe for You?

From Blake Lively to Megan Fox, many Hollywood divas are known to go through various procedures to look picture-perfect. Owning pout-pretty lips is one of them. Although a lot of women admire their luscious mush, many are still apprehensive of going through the procedure. Let’s find out if you should go for lip augmentation treatment or not.

What is lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic non-surgical procedure to make the lips fuller and more enhanced. The materials used for the procedure are dermatologically tested and certified so that the patient does not face any complications post-procedure. You should consider lip augmentation when you have slender lips that contract all the more when you smile or become thinner with age.

Why you should get it?

Self-confidencePeople with slender lips often suffer from a lack of confidence. With lip augmentation, they will be making a life-changing decision of getting fuller lips that makes them feel much more confident and younger.


Look natural: You might have come across a lot of celebrity lip-job malfunctions and that is what made you all the more sceptical about this procedure. Have you ever wondered how some celebrities manage to look much better after the lip augmentation? Instead of going for a permanent implant, you can go for a failsafe lip augmentation process that uses Restylane as the filler solution. Restylane is the highest quality dermal filler available that complies with all the safety standards.


Painless: You don’t need to go under any surgery and feel the pain for days to come. Lip augmentation is a safe and painless procedure where a thin needle is injected into the lip area that guarantees immediate results.    


Enhanced fullness: This is one of the most important reasons to go for lip fillers because its effect stays for 6 to 12 months. This gives you the flexibility to decide whether you should go for a refill or stay the way you are. More you refill, higher is your chance to get a naturally fuller look over time.


Thinking of giving this a ‘shot’? Learn more about this minimally invasive procedure here.

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