Fighting Signs of Ageing in the Neck and Lower Face

Fighting Signs of Ageing in the Neck and Lower Face

The mouth is the master of multi-purpose functionality, being vital in communication, expression, breathing, drinking and eating. It can also show signs of ageing that make us self-conscious, while the neck can develop its own noticeable lines, wrinkles and sagging over the years. Do you want to turn back the clock on these tell-tale signs of ageing? Botox/Azzalure can have various benefits here to smooth skin and keep you feeling youthful and confident.

Ageing of the Neck Area

Creases, wrinkles and lack of firmness around the neck are signs of ageing that can cause a great deal of self-consciousness and anxiety. The lines around the neck are known as longitudinal platysma bands and tend to result from lack of elasticity and decreasing skin strength as we age. Skin can also take on a crepe-like texture as collagen levels drop and gravity naturally takes hold. For women, this is further impacted by lower levels of oestrogen production, but lifestyle factors, such as poor hydration and smoking, can also contribute.

Covering the area with high-neck tops and scarves is only a temporary solution, and anxiety over these signs of ageing remains. Botulinum, such as Botox/Azzalure, can be quickly and painlessly injected into the neck area to smooth the skin and reduce these bands and wrinkles, leaving you more comfortable in your own skin.

Ageing of the Lower Face

Moving up slightly to the chin, lack of elasticity with age can result in sagging jowls. Around the jawline, some may experience a squareness from enlarged muscles, leading to a more masculine appearance in women. Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) can contribute to this appearance and lead to pain. These masseter muscles can be slimmed down and the square, angular effect reduced with Botulinum. This treatment can also help to reduce pain and discomfort in the jaw that arises from such conditions. Chin dimpling can likewise be improved, highlighting the multi-purpose benefits of Botulin.

The lines that trace a track from the corners of the mouth are known as marionette lines. Wrinkles and creases can also form around the mouth and upper lip. These are often linked to smoking. Botulinum can smooth these areas, leaving the face looking fresher, younger and healthier, so you can look and feel more confident.

Do you find yourself anxious and self-conscious about the giveaway signs of ageing around your mouth, chin and neck? Wherever the areas of concern are, these non-surgical treatments offer a painless and less invasive means of improving the appearance of your skin. This neurotoxic protein is used in very small amounts during treatment and has been a popular feature of medical and aesthetic practices for over 25 years, so you can be assured of its safety. Botox/Azzalure will start to take effect within two to three days, with visible results after a week or two that can last for up to four months.

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